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Today I have a picture for you …

Everything you need for an audition with a potential employer. The customer presented himself with a colorful booth and the Audition Dome, in which a jury interviewed the candidates in order to then make them an offer or no offer for a job.

The illuminated “Auditon Dome” created an eye-catcher for the external effect and a modern separation from the “waiting and communication area” so that the candidates and jury feel comfortable during the presentation and the discussions.


The lighting concept was also taken up with the illuminated LED cube tables, which attracted further attention in the waiting area with the color change.

The idea was so well received that it was later developed further in a larger exhibition stand.


  • 84 qm
  • Köln
  • Graduates-Congress Germany

Mini Allianz Arena

In small like in large

Pack up the Allianz Arena and rebuild it in many places to convey the fascination of the arena and make it known worldwide.

With the 1:20 model replica, a space for communication was created that should enable many visitors to experience the “stadium atmosphere” live and inspire them to visit their big brother.

An additional eye catcher was the changing play of colors on the outer skin.


  • Roadshow with many locations worldwide
  • Model replica scale 1:20

Samsung Gear

Take a seat and dive into distant worlds.

In the middle of the pedestrian zone, just take a break and enjoy virtual reality.

In terms of conception, however, the whole thing had to run safely, there had to be enough space for the branding and attract attention.

So that the visitors don’t fall off the stool, the comfortable, classic “Egg-Chair” was used, two of which were embedded in the tower walls. Because one of the biggest worries was that the users were suddenly lying on the floor because they had forgotten reality out of sheer virtuality.


Large-scale branding and graphics on the tower sides did the rest to increase awareness. Info screens above the guest also gave an impression of the new technology to those who have not yet taken their seats.



  • Promotion touring the whole of Germany
  • Multiple Sets

I Love Hybrid

The Toyota „I Love Hybrid“ promotion wanted something very special, easy to assemble, very flexible and visible from afar and unmistakable for its appearance.

Modern inflates can be used in a variety of ways and can be produced in almost any form. The modular structure of the entire promotion stand guaranteed flexibility at the various locations.

The various stations invited visitors to linger and, in addition to the “Ohhh” effect of the letters, offered a contact point for interaction. A direct touch of the slogan


  • 8 huge inflate-letters
  • Different stations in and round the letters
  • f.e. a built in Screen, a refreshment-station, a chill-out corner, an audio-station, bean-bags, etc…
  • Promotiontour througout the whole of Germany

Add Power

Promo with action.

For Vodafone’s new brand identity, it should be something special, something with power.

Something that can make the power of the Vodafone network tangible as soon as the small SIM card is inserted.

What could be better here than to let the visitors ride a bull and film their adventure in the 360 ​​degree matrix style mode.

The concept approach was to make the „power“ tangible and tangible for the customer. By inserting the “Add Power” SIM card, the bull would get wilder and wilder.

Once the visitor was seated on the animal’s back, it was only a matter of time before he could no longer hold up in front of „Power“. But what a ride until then and that ride could then also be taken as a souvenir to home as a film.


  • Promotiontour & Messeauftritt
  • Verschiedene Promotion-Standorte in ganz Deutschland


Toppings with sweet cupcakes.

Different, striking and memorable. And everything is designed for the central image of the cupcake topping campaign.

For this purpose, conceptually different actions / costumes in the same design were developed in order to create excellent recognition and attention. Connected with pleasure and fun in interaction.

Everything is dedicated to the „toppings“ that customers can choose for their telephone contract.

The specially made topping costumes, rolling cupcakes and game activities such as the topping cherry basketball were designed for the entire promotion.

Customers and promoters alike enjoyed the campaign so much that it even toured all of Germany a second time.


  • Promotiontour
  • different locations all over Germany

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