Exhibition - Project Selection


The angular must go into the round

Not square shapes, but creating areas that overlap and flow into each other was the basic requirement for this booth, where everything revolved around the “audition” for Jobs. „round, welcoming, accessible“.

Another approach, so that the basic idea behind the „Accenture Concept“ is reflected in form and appearance.

Due to the different heights of the rings, the shape of the entire booth was made even more interesting, and the idea of ​​being open-hearted and welcome was promoted with friendly, trendy colors.


The participants of the audition were in the booth on a journey from area to area, welcome – waiting – audition (in the audition dome) – contract.

The colors used are derived from the customer’s CI, which uses them to identify his various areas of operation. At the booth, they primarily served to emphasize the separation of the individual areas and thus enable natural „routing“.

Thanks to the modular structure, it was also possible to use the booth at will on smaller exhibition areas.


  • Multi-Day Exhibitions
  • Hannover
  • Winner HR Excellence Award

Bayer Schering

The uninterrupted life.

The basic idea behind the design of the exhibition booth was derived from the „seamless transition“ in menopause, as an uninterrupted bond of life. Therefore, the tape was picked up as a central design factor and integrated into all areas. From the booth walls, to the bar, to the seating.

The height and the unusual design guaranteed high visibility.


  • Exhibiton over several days
  • Madrid, Spain
  • 225 qm

Canada Life

From slogan to form. Clear flowing forms, modernity combined with tradition, flexibility and security.


A clear three-part division, which nonetheless flows into one another, with suitable motifs for each area and an overarching color scheme according to the CI.

In addition, „natural“ highlights, such as the tree trunk with the carved logo as an eye catcher.


  • DKM Dortmund
  • Used over multiple years
  • ca. 90 qm


Stable and striking in the dome design.

Here the exhibition booth was developed from the same material that Jost, a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty coupling systems, also works with. Steel. The imposing dome is not overwhelming despite its bulk. The contrast between the “hard” material steel and the backlit “soft” stretch fabric creates this impression and invites you to explore the booth and the exhibits.

Thanks to its design, the booth can be accessed from all sides and yet feels like a closed unit.

The color accents and the lighting design with moving light and backlighting are taken from the customer’s logo and thus brand the entire booth.


  • IAA Hannover
  • Used over multiple years
  • 520 qm


Separated and yet together.

The aim of the booth design was to create an individual design that moves away from the standard with corners and edges towards a harmonious basic shape that is both warm and inviting to the visitors and encourages interaction.

The slat design of the booth offers both a connected and protected space as well as a connection to the outside world. This meant that the smaller booth area did not appear to be blocked or full.

The use of wood and warm colors create a feel-good atmosphere in which visitors like to stay longer.

Thanks to the modular structure of the elements, the booth could be adapted to a wide variety of conditions and exhibition spaces.


  • Modular booth-system 30 – 160 qm
  • Germany- and Europe-Wide use in various trade fairs
  • Used over multiple years


All walls full.

Simple design, completely branded interior walls and all the new products in a small tour around the communicafé with a meeting area. This is how Shure presented itself at the fair.

For more in-depth conversations, we went to the “Backstage”, which was furnished with warm colors and comfortable furniture.

Conceptually, there was a deliberate dichotomy with a modern “showroom” for walk-in customers and a place of retreat for long-term discussions that is not disturbed by the constant activity of the trade fair.


  • 250 qm
  • Pro Light & Sound
  • Frankfurt a.M.

South American Tours

A heart for banners.

At this booth, the aim was to get as much out of little space as possible and accommodate the maximum number of meeting tables without minimizing visibility.

In order to give the booth a certain lightness, a lot of the work was done with banners matched to the CI colors, which at the same time represented the customer’s portfolio and immediately caught the eye from a distance.


  • 40 qm
  • ITB Berlin
  • Used over multiple years

Thomas Cook

One complete hall please …

Every booth is unique, but so is every hall. The design of this was strongly based on the CI colors and the respective subject area. After all, it should create a holiday mood. In addition to Thomas Cook, we also designed the booths of Thomas Cook brands such as Neckermann, Thomas Cook Reisen, Thomas Cook Vertrieb, Aldiana, or exclusive contract partners such as Avis.

The focus of the individual brands was worked out and implemented in the concept. For example, Neckermann created a veritable small town with lots of corners to discover due to the variety of offers.

Depending on the travel destination, the respective area was designed according to the bright and friendly overall design, with interaction and information. E.g. a soccer field for those interested in Brazil or Capoeira dance.

At Aldiana, on the other hand, the focus was on golf, which was reflected in putting games and the huge sculpture, a golf club bar.

The area, which extends over the entire hall, was carefully coordinated in order to be able to offer trade fair visitors and exhibitors the best possible experience.


  • 38.000 qm hall
  • Frankfurt a.M.

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