Event - Project Selection

C-Class Reveal

Box with a view.

The reveal vehicle camouflaged behind a projection on frosted glass panes that can be switched to see through thanks to „Smart Glass Technology“.

Perfect for a surprising reveal behind a projection with effective inscenation.

The background to the reveal idea at the press event „before publication“ was the practice at the time that only partial photos of a new vehicle were allowed to be shown, which should be reflected in the live unveiling.

The main concern when considering the inscenation is to keep astonishing the guests.

For this purpose, the reveal box was disguised as a matching aquarium in the location in Seville, which could pass as a normal room decoration element until the reveal inscenation began.


  • Reveal & Training
  • ca. 9.000 guests
  • ca. 380 guests per day
  • Sevilla (Spain)


Deka Board Meeting
Gala Evening

The evening event of the Deka board meeting was all about a huge safe, derived from the current Deka campaign, which served as a multifunctional stage during the event. The idea behind it was also to interactively involve the guests in the evening and let them open the safe for the finale.

Throughout the evening, the guests were able to take part in an interactive game show at their tables with “buzzers”, in which they had to give the correct answer in “question and answer sessions”. The more “tables” knew the correct answer, the higher the amount that was donated to a good cause at the end of the evening.

For this purpose, various interesting speakers appeared on the center stage, who related to the complex of questions from their lives.

The whole evening was accompanied by a continuous moderation, which, in addition to the speakers and question and answer sessions, also announced the various artistic shows that took place over the evening.

Acrobatics with trampoline jumpers who disappeared in the safe and reappeared, a mermaid in a champagne glass, wind riders with meter-long cloths and an illuminated giant amused, astonished and entertained the guests.

For the grand finale, the safe door opened completely, revealing the amount won, which was then handed over to the representative of the non-profit association. The vault itself also contained the music stage on which the band then fired up the party part of the evening.


  • Board Meeting – Evening Event
  • Berlin
  •  ca. 750 guests

50 Years Anniversary

An anniversary goes around the world. Eirich is represented at many global locations and the show was intended to prove that.

The guests from all over the world should recognize themselves here. Consequently, the artists were also a colorful and happy mixture. Breakdancers for America, Taiko drummers for Japan, Chinese artists, French chanson, Russian ballet, Indian belly dance, Brazilian capoeira and jumping stilt walkers for Africa. All together in a breathtaking and brilliant show, accompanied by thematically appropriate all-round projections.

When designing the concept, we were guided by Eirich’s global presence on all continents, as an international company that builds “bridges” between cultures. This diversity and cosmopolitanism should run through the entire event. So the idea of ​​an all-encompassing 360 degree projection was born with a central stage, on which local artists appeared in a show we staged.


  • Winner BEA Award
  • ca. 1800 guests
  • Hardheim – tent city

ISH Gala Event

Hidden drop bar, hearty fun and a look into the digital age.

At this multi-day event at the ISH in Frankfurt, several topics were played for the different target groups. „Digitalization“ was the big buzzword around which the main event revolved. For this purpose, suitable acts and the setup were selected for the concept, and the direction and process were created and carried out.

The chic gala evening was characterized by a modern show with digital effects and performances, as well as the hidden teardrop-shaped bar, which was located under the central stage and was unveiled for the later evening.

On another day it was hearty, like on the Munich Oktoberfest.

With freshly tapped beer, matching decorations, „Wiesn“ games and a band that even encouraged the guests to dance a polonaise through the hall.

With the success of the first event, the conception and implementation at the next ISH followed. Bigger, Better, Bolder – The Aera of Innovation. It should have a modern, future-oriented and creative staging and design.

Therefore, the concept focused on futuristic-looking acts and set design, such as the visible connection between digital 3D art and human interaction, in order to implement the theme of „Connectivity“ and „Smart Homes“ in the show.


  • Multi-day event at the ISH in Frankfurt

  • Different topics per day for different target groups

  • Quick remodeling of the room

Training & product launch

To train employees and present the new product, something extraordinary was needed, something that the participants will remember for a long time. The concept envisaged the connection between technical and human excellence, the top product with outstanding artistic representations.

In order to get the visitors in the mood for the individual parts of the day, artists performed a breathtaking display of their skills before each segment.

From the contortion to the Russian beam to straps on their towels, the participants got to see top physical performance.

For the grand final, the forklift drove up a vertical wall and was thus organically integrated into the show and the outstanding technology communicated.


  • Product Launch & Training
  • Hannover
  • ca. 600 guests
  • Artistic Show + Finale

Mercedes Benz

A well-designed experience for everyone involved.

Eurotraining is always the chance to get the best out of the participants and the event design.

The underlying task for the concept was to transform the event location into the brand world of Mercedes-Benz, the „Mercedes-Town“, which should make all workshops and activities appear in a modern, holistic, connected, fresh visualization.

For this purpose, even the pool floor was branded with a huge logo. The ribbon-like rear walls gave the workshop rooms a uniform, fresh look. The connecting “band” comprised the entire event.

At the opening, the guests were in a huge white box, a room within a room concept that allows hidden surprises. The walls could be played on 360 degrees with 3D effect visuals and had embedded „chambers“ in which the presentation vehicles stood. A seamless transition from digital forms and images to the reveal vehicle when the chamber opens in the final.


  • Eurotraining in Alicante (Spain)
  • ca. 17.500 visitors
  • ca. 200 persons per day
  • Winner Automotive Brand Contest, Eva & Bea

Mercedes E-Class Reveal

Surprise out of the fog with a 360 degree view.

Every visitor is aware that the car will be unveiled at some point during the event, so it is important to surprise the guest with the “how”.

For this purpose, a second level was drawn into the hall, to which the guests were led upstairs.

A platform broke away from the fog floor effect and went upstairs to pull up a „material barrel“ on which the historical film was projected.

Due to a kabuki effect, the curtain fell and the car was pulled up out of the fog to the surprising reveal.

Afterwards the guests went to the evening event with show on the floor level.

For this purpose, the car was lowered back onto the center stage there.


  • ca. 9000 guests
  • ca. 400 guests per day
  • Stuttgart
  •  Reveal Event

4 Elements Show

An unforgettable show for outstanding products.

In order to present an entire range, a sophisticated show is necessary and an overarching theme that literally brings all parts together.

To do this, we used the four elements and assigned them to the respective product to be presented. Miele symbolized the fifth element that connected everyone else and represented the Miele product culture.

The use of water curtains, pyrotechnics and wind machines supported the element display.

The so-called „Lord of the Elements“ led through the evening and introduced the individual show parts made of water, fire, air and earth, which were lined with dance and artistic elements. At the center of the show parts were the products that were a natural part of the show.

For the grand finale, all elements came together and formed the fifth element, which then set off the brilliant fireworks. The guests had an excellent view of it through the transparent outer walls and it left a lasting memory as the finale of a grandiose and holistic show.


  • 5 days with 400 guests each
  • Gut Böckel

911 Reveal

How did the car get on the roof and why is it there?

The guests should be surprised with the reveal and not wait for it. What is the first commandment in magic? The distraction.

With the guests on one roof terrace of the event hotel and the projection field for the image film on the opposite terrace, nobody suspected that the car would also be hidden there and that it would make its grand entrance with the finale of the film.

At the end of the film, the Porsche engine roared and the headlights of the 911 broke through the darkness. The vehicle drove out of its hiding place onto the „presentation plate“.

A successful surprise far from the usual cloth unveiling.


Conceptually, there is a flowing transition between the image film and its lines / silhouette optics and the „third dimension“, which seamlessly merges into the „reveal“.


  • Training & Reveal
  • Alcudia, Mallorca, Spain
  • Event lasting several month
  • ca. 1.800 guests

Taycan Reveal

The road to the future …

For the introduction of the new electric automobile, the customer imagined something special that was to remind visitors of the training for a long time.

The „Road to Taycan“ as a conceptual umbrella term served as the basis for the draft of the entire reveal concept, on which the guests experience a complete journey from the development of the Taycan to the climax of the finished product. The „Cinema“ represented this in the journey.

In the “Cinema of Soul” after the image and reveal film, the screen was raised and the view of the street was revealed.

Together with emotional music and a choreographed light show with movable LED bars, moving heads and fog effect, the unveiling took place, which should point the way to the future of automobility …

Followed by the lights, the Taycan finally appeared on the “horizon”, lit its headlights and drove directly towards the guests, only to stop in their midst so that they could see the new Porsche up close.


  • Training und Reveal
  • Event lasting several month
  • ca. 40 guests per day
  • Alcudia, Mallorca, Spain



Head on through the wall, to summarize the reveal in one short sentence.

The connection between film and reality ensured a lasting wow effect when the car to be unveiled suddenly really drove towards the surprised guests by unceremoniously breaking through the screen.


  • Reveal & Training
  • Lago Maggiore, Italy
  • Event lasting several weeks
  •  ca. 1.000 guests

Days of the Sun

Attractive tent city for sunny views.

The concept designed for Sunconcept, a manufacturer of solar cells, had to have one thing above all: appreciation for employees and customers.

It started with sending the save-the-date invitations with a bag of sand (which the solar cells are mostly made of).

A small town with different areas was constructed from tents of different sizes, which were all connected to each other, in which the guests could spread out as they pleased.

The main stage was moderated and the audience was involved in the show with a lot of humor and charm. In addition, there was a colorful mix of various performances, with something for every guest to marvel at.

The band formed the end to help dance enthusiasts get their movement boost.


  • ca. 350 guests
  • Elz
  • Employee und Customer Event

Thomas Cook

Under the sea…

Here the guests were literally transported into the sea. Blue effect light and a 360 degree projection on the outside wall immersed the guests in the world of travel.

But that was not all. The 30 meter diameter outer ring on which the guests stood was spectacular. This was mobile and rotated slowly around the central stage.

There was also an artistic show with marine mammals that glided through the air or water as if by magic.


  • 2 days
  • 6x 350 guests
  • Frankfurt am Main

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