Building-Design - Project Selection

Kaufmanns Kaffeerösterei

A new branch location, little space and the desire for an individual touch.

This marked the beginning of the planning of the complete renovation and equipment of Kaufmann’s coffee roastery.

Derived from the core theme, the elliptical coffee bean, the concept began to play with exactly this design and to coordinate all cabinet, counter and wall elements with this shape, without wasting too much space and using it as efficiently as possible. From the floor, which forms a coffee bean with a covering in three colors, to the main counter and the surrounding shelves in which all devices and sales objects are housed, to the suspended ceiling with elliptical facing, the design is stringently exercised to create a holistic picture.



Additional details such as the world map running around the entire wall and furniture with the straight lines in which the coffee is harvested, as well as the uniform color scheme in various warm brown tones, round off the image of the shop and leave the customer feeling comfortable.

The use of large mirrors gives the room more depth and removes the narrowness of the previous store. The dedicated use of various lighting technologies also ensures a pleasant atmosphere of well-being.


  • ca. 35 qm area
  • Wiesbaden
  • complete renovation of an existing room

Jost Showroom

Place the exhibits on a pedestal so that they really come into their own. Combined with an interesting shape, light design and large-area prints.

The contrast between the “hard” steel that Jost uses in its products and the “soft” supple, backlit stretch fabric was important in order to conceptually highlight the products and put them in the limelight.

And all of this, of course, in conjunction with the Jost CI and color scheme, which can be found throughout the room.


  • ca. 100qm area
  • Neu Isenburg
  • Redesign Showroom

Softedge Cube
- for rent

The Softedge Cube for your trade fair or event, especially in the new situation in which it is important to protect yourself and your guests.

Thanks to the modern and linear design, the cube can be used multifunctionally and fits perfectly into any setting.

For example, it can be used as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the trade fair, for relaxed conversations, interviews, as a private lounge area or a small office. Practically anywhere that a little privacy is needed. It not only fulfills its purpose, but also looks classy and representative. Branding is possible individually.

If you want to rent the Softedge Cube for your event, we offer you the optimal full service including planning, transport, assembly and dismantling, branding and on-site support.

We look forward to your inquiry and are happy to answer any further questions.



  • Poplar plywood surface, white
  • External dimensions 250 cm wide x 250 cm high x 200 cm deep
  • Inner dimensions approx. 220 cm wide x 220 cm high x 190 cm deep
  • Double-leaf, lockable glass door (ESG) Full-surface, transparent plexiglass plate as the back wall Integrated light (downlights 8 pcs.)
  • Internal 220V connection Floor covering PVC white, individual covering possible


  • Banner on the outside wall 200 cm wide x 185 cm high (optional)
  • Gluing of the glass doors and the transparent Plexiglas back wall with foil. E.g. Sandblasting film as privacy screen, semi-transparent complete print, logo printing, etc.
  • Branding of the interior walls possible Installation of screens and / or whiteboards is possible

Workbowl Concept

The world of work is a sphere. Especially now for the new era in which dance and protection are important.

The Workbowl offers that special extra for spacious rooms or converted halls.

Instead of the typical office layout, everyone gets their own little working environment in a stylish design, with a 360-degree view of their colleagues and the room.

Everything is integrated in the bowl, from the spacious desk to cupboards. The semicircular shape creates different work surfaces that can be divided up individually and are always only a „chair swivel“ away.

Thanks to the all-in-one concept, workplaces can always be added or changed positions. Thanks to the „stand“, differences in height are no problem, or a design arrangement of the individual bowls.

For example, industrial halls can be converted into a design office while maintaining the industrial charm.


  • Concept
  • Design – Work Space Idea
  • Single cabin with all necessary utensils

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